A Buyer’s Guide to Monitors

Working with a larger monitor can give a user more comfort and efficiency at work. Not only does it allow you to see images more clearly but it also lets one compare information at a glance. It eliminates the risk of losing track of data because of too much switching from one screen to another. […]

How to Speed Up Slow-Running Computers

As computer users, you have surely experienced working with a slow-running computer and this could be frustrating. To start with, you have to know the reasons why computers slow down over time and the most common one is an excess of installed programs and start-up items. We all know that there are programs that load […]

Upgrading Macbook Air 2011 to 480GB SSD

We sold one of our lawyer clients a Macbook Air (MBA) 2011 last year around the time when Mac OS X Lion was launched. It came with 120GB SSD, but since some of his office applications required Windows, we installed Windows 7 using bootcamp, using the default 50%-50% split. The client called just after 6 […]

Reviewing Skyroam GMate – adding a 2nd SIM to my iDevice

After using the Skyroam GMate for 2 weeks, it’s been both a boon AND a bane. I ended up using a Nokia 101 instead.

Computer Repair Services Available In Singapore

Compute Repair Services – Complete List Available
Whether your laptop or MAC book is running slow or not running at all we can get you up and running. There is no reason to buy a new computer/MAC when you can fix or upgrade your current system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. The following are some of the computer laptop repair services our Laptop Specialists can provide to help you save money. We will ensure that prices are all reasonable & lower than which you do not need to send in your systems to the Manufacturers for long queues & expensive diagnostic charges. Original Parts with up to 6 months warranty is important to secure your every repair needs, please request for it at all times….

Why outsource your IT Department

Paramount in any business owner’s mind is how to maximise profits and minimise costs. But there are costs that are unavoidable. These are called operational costs. One of these is the company’s IT department and just like some of the business processes, IT needs of a company can be outsourced. But why should a company outsource their IT department?

Outsource Computer Support: An On-Demand Service for PC Repair

The convenience and ease of getting things done in the last few decades with the help of Internet and online services have contributed substantially to benefit professional and personal computer users across the globe. The problems faced by computer users have been taken into consideration to a large extent by innovative services like computer support.