How to Speed Up Slow-Running Computers

As computer users, you have surely experienced working with a slow-running computer and this could be frustrating.

To start with, you have to know the reasons why computers slow down over time and the most common one is an excess of installed programs and start-up items. We all know that there are programs that load once you turn on your computer. If there are quite a number of programs activated during start up, this can slow down your computer. To check programs that run automatically, examine the task bar next to the clock at the bottom right of your screen. These programs will have an option box in their settings that you should uncheck so it will not load anymore during start up. For more advanced users, they can run msconfig.exe to edit start up items. One should practice extra care while using this method especially beginners as they may disable necessary start up services.

Viruses and other spyware is another reason why computers slow down. You can always combat this using a good anti-malware program like Malware-Bytes. Make sure you have the complete and update version to run a full system scan. You will notice that your computer will run faster once you have removed the infections.

Other reasons for a slow-running computer could be overheating, failing of hardware, and other physical problems. One problem may pose a vicious cycle of abuse. For example, a computer that has too many programs running during start up may cause your computer to overheat and create a physical damage to your machine.

The key to ensuring your computers optimum performance is to give it proper maintenance and care. This will keep your computer as good as new for a fairly long time. It is basically just maintaining proper security, auditing your startup list, creating regular backups, and using your computer in a well-ventilated area. Keep in mind not to use laptops on soft surfaces like beds and pillows since the ventilation is sacrificed. This can pose a risk to both the computer and the user. These are simple and rules for speeding up a computer’s speed.

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